Feb 5, 2010


My mum just arrived back from Malaysia, and it feels nice to have someone with a better sense of housekeeping around the house now. She brought back some goodies, including a birthday present from my dad, a present from herself, DVDs of the latest movies and two rolls of developed slide film which I had mailed to her about two weeks ago.

They were the last rolls of film I had shot on with any lomo camera. These were shot with my favourite of them all - the LC-A+ on Fuji Provia ISO 100 transparencies. For some reason, I never thought I would see these photos turn out so well (if not at all) since it'd been a year since I'd exposed the rolls, and with cross-processed transparency film, you just can't tell what sort of results you'll get.

I'm glad these came out the way they did. Hell, I'm glad these even came out at all. It just makes me want to shoot more on transparency film, and more on the LC-A+.


  1. Your lomo stuff turns out 1000000% better than mine. I love it! Shoot more!

  2. Try shooting on some slide film (ISO 100 if weather permits). Cross-processed, or not, they still turn out beautiful!